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COSTAAT's computer applications in libraries course


This is a site for students of the COSTAAT Computer applications in libraries course. It is one of the courses required for the completion of the Associate Degree in library and information science, a Degree designed to produce paraprofessionals for libraries and information science in Trinidad and Tobago and indeed throughout the world.
So what is a paraprofessional? According to the Oxford English dictionary, a paraprofessional is a person to whom a particular aspect of a professional task is delegated but who is not licensed to practice as a fully qualified professional.
Paraprofessionals are essential to libraries and information services, providing vital support for the delivery of services.
Working in libraries and information centres in Trinidad and Tobago or anywhere else provides opportunities for satisfying and interesting experiences. There are also challenges, one of them being the dynamic environment of information and communication technologies (ICT’s) and the expectation by users that our information services will utilize these new technologies and therefore remain relevant to their needs.

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  1. The world today is quickly so rapidly that all the ideas of old are being challenged almost on a daily basis. We in the field of Library and Information Science are not exempt from this occurrence. We need to fully embrace technology and incorporate it into our libraries if we are to survive in the 21st century!
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  2. Hi everyone,
    In today’s changing environment we as library paraprofessionals have to learn to not only embrace the technological changes which are taking place but also make it an integral part of our libraries. Absolutely nothing is constant and just as our written literature went from being stored on clay tablets to paper to e-formats, so to we as information specialist must move beyond the limitations of the physical barriers!
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  3. Computer applications have proven to be extremely beneficial in libraries today, through my experience working in libraries I’ve seen various library management software implemented and they have indeed simplified the entire activities involved in libraries. Therefore as future library paraprofessionals we have the responsibility to equip ourselves for example, through this course offered at COSTAATT Computer Applications in Libraries because we want to satisfy our users needs in the beat way possible.

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  5. Computers in libraries are a great asset. They assist the staff in doing more and being better for their clients. They are such an integral part of today’s society, that it only makes sense that they also be an integral part of our libraries. Libraries have to keep up with the changing times to keep providing an excellent service to society.

  6. As a future library professional it’s sad to see the consistent disrespect that professionals in this field experience by patrons who do not fully understand the importance of this profession, the dedication of the professionals in the field and the impact that they have in the nurturing the growth and development of future generations. For more you can follow my blog at: http://joy4evr.wordpress.com/

  7. Librarians are developing successful programs and doing innovative things with technology that no one outside of their library knows about. There are lots of great blogs out there sharing information about the profession, so information can be access at any form because of technology. But according to Jason in the article we need to be careful that ‘these technologies too often lead to feature creep, outside of the scope of the library focus. And so our library’s web presence becomes fractured, scattered among too many uncoordinated social media sites. The brand that is our library suffers’

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  8. Librarians are developing successful programs and doing innovative things with technology that no one outside of their library knows about. There are lots of great blogs out there sharing information about the profession, and as paraproffessionals we need to technology appropriately to meet the needs of the users. According the Jason in the article that ‘these technologies too often lead to feature creep, outside of the scope of the library focus. And so our library’s web presence becomes fractured, scattered among too many uncoordinated social media sites. The brand that is our library suffers’


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  10. Many libraries are able to embrace technology in order to help their clients. However in order to do so they have to know their clients, this would enable library staff to choose the right technology to employ in the library.

    Carlene Figaro
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    • but by embracing the technology wouldn’t you have to train your client to use the new technology. this is not always an easy thing to do depending on the client (age, educational background etc)

      • Absolutely! This is the challenge facing library staff in this time when so much information is readily available to anyone. In the past, library work ers were gatekeepers to information. Now they must accept a new and important role, which is to empower their users to find information on their own…..and that means training their users!

      • I understand that we must train our patrons but that in its isn’t always easy. In the age where all patrons want is fast information…how do we go on to remind patrons on how it is to use the tools that were there before internet like encyclopedia and text books. It seems as if with the advent of the computers these tools have become obsolete

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  14. The mere fact that libraries have survived tthrough history this long is heartening….this means that we have what it takes to adapt and survive into the future. It shows that librarians have, in the past, persevered in adapting to the modern world. We are no less. New technologies should be embraced and used in the best way possible to allow us to meet our clients needs efficiently.

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  16. Copying is only for copy cataloguing. As establishing library para professionals one should not mimic every thing one sees another does. That’s why the world is in this state of despair. Additionally, library professionals must attempt to create their ideas according to their society needs aqnd what resources the library has to offer. Remember what’s good for one may not be good for you.

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  21. With technology changing as rapidly as it is, we as paraprofessionals must acknowledge the changes that have taken place within our libraries and make them an integral part of it.

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  22. Everyday i’m amazed by all the intricacies involved in the field of librarianship, you have to appreciate the men and women who have paved the way, from the libraries of Alexandria to the Smithsonian and all the public, school, academic and special libraries in between. Their perseverance has seen the integration of the manual systems they developed, evolve into the fully automated ones that we have today. The library now is on a ever changing landscape as long as technology changes for the better, the library has to also embrace and adapt to these changes to better facilitate it clientele; the library has survived for thousands of years and I know it will for the many more to come.

    • It really is amazing to see how far the library has come. It is even more overwhelming to think of how far can go- and it is going, going, going.

      • Yes, libraries have come a way, since their inception, and they continue to evolve in the modern era. Also the roles of the librarians and paraprofessional will continue to change.

  23. I agree with the ever changing technology to boost the library and also to train the patron to use the facility. The only thing is while it changes all the time its either we have to retrain the patrons or staff. But that’s why we decided to be Librarians … to help those in need of our resources…

  24. Yes, libraries have come a long way , since their inception, and they continue to evolve in this modern time.

  25. Yes, libraries have come a long way, since their inception, and they continue to evolve in this modern era.

  26. I’m delighted to have come across this blog today. I hope all of you continue blogging after you’ve finished this course.

  27. Nadine Mitchell on said:

    Because of the rapid changes the world is experiencing for example changes in the climate, changes on how teachers teach lessons either in-class or online teaching, changes on how to reproduce food faster and changes in technology to name a few. Libraries paraprofessionals have to be up to date with the continuous changes in technology thus enhancing their knowledge and research skills in information and communication technologies to assist their patrons on retrieval of information.

  28. Hi, it truly is interesting being able to create a blog or a website. The challenge now is to upload information that will enlighten anyone visiting the blogs about libraries and their usefulness.

  29. Libraries do play a very important role in society. I attended a meeting recently and the executive director for NALIS, Mrs. Lucia Philip said the society is at a mindset where they think that libraries are obsolete. That is not the case. She stated that people said radio would become outdated once television came out. Guess what? Radio is still very much alive and continues to expand on our airwaves! Kindles and ipads are popular with the technological advancement, yet most people still prefer the ‘feel and smell’ of a book. In other words, libraries would always provide a safe haven for patrons to communicate and obtain information no matter the format or age.

  30. libraries do play an important role, but sometime i wonder if are not suppose to be innovative, adventuresome with technology, learnt new tools, implement ideas and systems, for and behalf of the client to make they journey into the library easy, comfortable. and the paraprofessional eager to do their jobs at the end of the day

  31. Computer Applications do make our life in the Libraries easy, with the innovative would never be apply…database would not be at the forefront of Information, Social Media would have still be dominant….With Computer Application, our library services has improved, new resources has been born and it is available at the touch of your finger tips.

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