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Paraprofessionals’ qualities

What are some of the qualities of effective paraprofessionals? In addition to having a friendly personality, paraprofessionals should be creative and intelligent, eager to explore ICT’s to ensure that they connect with patrons who use these technologies as a matter of course.
A paraprofessional should have an inquiring mind, and be interested in current affairs both local and world-wide since libraries are affected by universal political, economic and social changes. Using technology makes this easy, for example subscribing to newsfeeds from news websites such as BBC and CNN and from professional associations.
He/she should also stay abreast of issues concerning paraprofessionals. One way of doing this is by joining on-line groups, for example the North Carolina Library Paraprofessional Association, or following the Library Journal’s Paraprofessional of the Year Award

10 thoughts on “Paraprofessionals’ qualities

  1. As a budding paraprofessional I am more appreciative, respectful and proud of my chosen field and I am hopeful that I can embody the true qualities of this profession.

  2. Saying that you like a profession does not do it justice, you must truly love what you do and after reading what the qualities of an effective paraprofessional is, I remember when I initially started this course I liked the idea of working in a Library because I loved books, now I can truthfully say that liking books is not a good enough answer. I have been empowered and I now have a deep respect for my chosen profession and hope that I am able to live up to and exhibit these qualities/attributes and serve the patrons to the best of my ability.

  3. plantins on said:

    A paraprofessional is a teaching aide who can help with the day-to-day duties in an inclusive classroom setting. Paraprofessionals may also work in a special needs classroom or in public areas such as the lunchroom, bus area or playground. When a teaching aide is assigned to a regular classroom, she can be a huge asset to the classroom teacher

    I do hope that I can be an excellent person this this area of librarianship someday!

  4. The library paraprofessional serves as a link between the library’s clients and the library professional / management. In a way, the paraprofessional serves as the face of the library as it is the paraprofessional who interacts with the clientele the most. As such, it is important to hone our communication skills and display a pro-active attitude to work. Keeping up with current affairs and current technology and ways to apply them to the library environment contribute positively to our competency as a paraprofessional. The library paraprofessional should be able to employ all available resources, to adapt to changes in the needs of the clientele.
    It is also helpful if the paraprofessional is able to look at the library service as whole. By so doing, she /he will be able to better understand her / his role there and how it impacts on the service. The library paraprofessional should understand the importance of being a team player, as no job in the library exists in a vacuum. The role of all members of library staff is important to one another and weak links are not desirable if an efficient library service is to be achieved.

    See the following site for more detailed information…


  5. The qualities of Paraprofessionals are very distinctive. As paraprofessionals it is important to keep abreast of technologies as well as current affairs. I hope as an aspiring Paraprofessional I can one day fulfill all the roles that is expected of me.

  6. Paraprofessionals must have a pleasant personality for positive interaction with their patrons and even their peers. Also, we must have patience, sincerity, knowledge on the happenings in their field. This will include changes in the paraprofessional field in the areas of technology, changes in world affairs, information on current affairs. Further more, the paraprofessional must be able to assist and guide anyone who is interested in becoming a paraprofessional as well in their field.

  7. Paraprofessionals! Hmmnn. Paraprofessionals in libraries should love what they are doing as libraries are open to all sectors of society. Customer service is never an easy thing and when you have to deal with children of all ages, adults of varied lass and races and pensioners who are stuck in their ways, you have to really love what you are doing. They must also possess infinite patience and a sense of humour. My blog is http://speakingdtruth.wordpress.com

  8. I am a paraprofessional in a school library and I am enjoying it thus far. Shelving can be tedious work but it’s worth it when the students come in at break and lunch time and utilize the materials. Interacting with the students, showing them how to properly search for information and giving them recommendations on good reads is very fulfilling. The feedback the library gets from the students are positive, from volunteering to help paint the library to them telling us what new material the student population would like to have available at the library.

  9. I am a paraprofessional at TTBS, we are allow to be innovative and independent, but we must following the quality rules.

    Our training is internationally, because we are a unique library and we are link to the regional and international standards bodies. So, how, rules and functions are not traditionally.

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