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Web 2.0

I have been using the WWW since its inception around 1980 (that kind of dates me, doesn’t it?)
What I have loved is the amount of information so generously made available freely by folks I did I not know!
With Web 2.0 I can easily join the ranks of folks who make stuff available on the Web!

I can

  • make a useful video and post it to YouTube,
  • I can make photos available on Flickr
  • I can create a blog for my class and make PowerPoint and other files available to them or post my slides to Slideshare where I can also find other interesting presentations
  • I can create a library of the records of books I like on LibraryThing and contribute reviews for anyone in the world to read
  • have access to all of my bookmarks from any computer because I saved them on Delicious
  •  but what I really like is the easy way to get news from the sites I follow by using RSS Feeds! On my blog I can receive news about movies, or technology, for example.
  • create my own website using Google sites or even WordPress!
  • As an information professional in a small organization with a variety of information needs to serve, I subcribe to listservs and create alerts related to the interests of staff.

7 thoughts on “Web 2.0

  1. I am very interested in finding out more about web 2.0, its all bit new to me so am trying to locate as much as I can! Am still workinng on putting information on my blog.

  2. plantins on said:

    I am now getting started with my blog so I have alot to find out, its all overwhelming. I’m in the process of figuring how to add persons on my blog so doing some searches on blogs and how to do other stuff.

  3. Blogging is also new to me… I have contributed to blogs before, but having my own blog takes a much greater effort and takes some getting used to . However, I am always open to new ideas and opportunities to learn about ways in which technology can improve life. I’m happy to see that libraries are embracing technology such that the old dusty image of them is quickly being replaced.

  4. Web 2.0 is a very new concept to me. What I have learnt so far on web 2.0 from this course is that is web application designed for information sharing. What I did not know is that most of the social networking sites, wikis, blogs etc. stemmed from web 2.0.

  5. Oh i love the Web!! Whoever conceptualized and created the Web is an absolute genius. It just makes life so much simpler, information is easier to access and the tools that are at your fingertips are just phenomenal. I blog all the time (just not on this class one) and i administer a lot of pages on facebooks and i have to answer emails and blogs and comments all the time.

  6. Web 2.0 has proven to be very useful in everyday life. Millions of people communicate daily using social media. Technology is at an age where it becomes information can be updated quickly and Web 2.0 embraces all that it has to offer. Podcasts can be downloaded easily and safely and videos can viewed in real time! What a marvel it is, even to me to be fascinated with technology and all it emcompasses.

  7. Web 2.0 is new, innovative, and enlightening. the information you get can be utilizes into your professional life and social life. Personally i don’t like the blog, the continual give feedback on topic before is close is stressful to me.

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